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Non-doms and non-residents

Non-doms and non-residents form a substantial part of our client base. They have been hit by regular tax changes, from the new non-dom regime introduced in 2008 to ATED, non-resident CGT, the changes effective from April 2017 and now the proposed extension of CGT to investors in commercial property. You can read more about several of these topics below:

Significant changes for non-doms from April 2017

If you have a foreign domicile – particularly if you are already resident in the UK but in one respect even if you have never even set foot in this country – you need to be aware of a series of changes effective from 6 April 2017. Click here to read in full.

Investment in UK residential property for non-residents

With the current government wanting to be seen as tackling tax avoidance and in particular the use of offshore structures, we have seen a series of measures designed to alter the behaviour of non-resident investors in UK property. Click here to read in full.

Investment in UK commercial property for non-residents

On 22 November 2017 it was announced that gains arising on the disposal of all UK land and property by non-residents will be taxed from April 2019. This extends existing rules that apply only to residential property and will include sales of commercial property by offshore owners and also indirect sales of shares in companies where more than 75% of the value is attributable to UK property.  A rebasing to April 2019 is proposed, which will limit the immediate impact, but this will be a significant change to the taxation of property in the UK. A detailed note on this subject will be added to this site shortly.

Non-UK domiciles backing UK business

Following conclusion of a consultation in summer 2011, the Government released details of a significant new relief. Click here to read in full.

Statutory residence test

The statutory residence test provides much needed certainty to an area of law that is unduly complex and lacks clarity. Click here to read in full.