Interim management

Our interim management service can place the short-term finance, IM&T or senior level general management personnel that your organisation needs when lacking particular expertise.

A large number of public sector organisations, as well as commercial firms have relied on us to provide effective interim management support to fulfil line manager roles or to complete specific projects – often on a recurring basis.

This is because our interim executive managers are knowledgeable about their business, focusing on specifics such as organisational structure, corporate cultures and personality match.

What is interim management?

Interim management is a relatively new resourcing tool, but one which has rapidly become established as an invaluable aid to organisations of all sizes.

The recent trend towards management streamlining in larger organisations has left many of them leaner, more efficient and more competitive. Many organisations now often find that they lack key skills or the flexibility to tackle new challenges or problems. Organisations of all sizes can also lack the expertise to make the most of a new opportunity or tackle a specific short-term problem.

How interim management can provide you with instant expertise and experience

Creating a new permanent post may be unnecessary and expensive. Interim management may be the ideal solution because an interim executive manager or director would have resolved the same problem or successfully handled the same challenge before. An experienced manager would hit the ground running, get the job done and then go on their way.

No high ongoing salary commitment, no bonus, no pension or National Insurance contributions, no company car or other perks. Just a job done quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Interim management is the answer to a wide range of problems, ideal for crisis or project management, managing change or turnarounds, smoothing the path of mergers or acquisitions or just providing a short-term stop-gap or skill set.

Should you need:

  • thinkers and doers – constructive, innovative ideas and practical workable solutions
  • trouble shooters – for the hard projects and those you’re not staffed to do
  • a sounding board – an objective opinion for your own ideas
  • complete finishers – that get the job done accurately, on time
  • action plans that work in your organisation

Interim management provides an effective short-term management solution

Our interim executive managers can diagnose problems quickly and accurately that cut through the cultural and political complexities with a mind on focusing on the facts that will produce effective solutions.

Our corporate aims are to:

  • get the project done quickly and effectively
  • get the enthusiastic support of your people
  • be your partner on the project
  • provide ongoing training for management and employees

The next step

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