Become a UHY firm

We are always looking to find strong, growth-focused firms to join UHY as part of our strategy to build and enhance our network. Our ultimate goal is to work proactively and effectively together to enable our member firms, our own talent and our clients to prosper.

We are actively looking for new member firms in areas where we currently have geographic gaps - Scotland, Cumbria, Norwich and the South West - in our efforts to become a truly national network.  But we are always open to starting a dialogue with firms in other locations where we do not already have representation.

By joining UHY you will:

  • Become one of the leading UK brands within the accountancy market
  • Be part of a purpose-led organisation, where our purpose of helping you prosper drives all that we do with our clients, teams and our communities 
  • Retain your firm’s financial autonomy and independence
  • Have access to our 96 partners and more than 720 professionals, including many service and sector specialist teams, across the UK
  • Become part of UHY International; the 20th largest global network of accounting and consulting firms
  • Have access to and full support from our dedicated national marketing, business development and PR teams
  • Be able to work together with other like-minded firms to tackle current challenges, regulatory changes and issues on the horizon, rather than battling alone
  • Share in the knowledge base of thought leadership content developed by our specialist sector and service line teams.

But the benefits don't stop there. Read more in our member firm brochure below:

If you would prefer to download a PDF of our brochure, you can do so here.

Why join the UHY Hacker Young Group?

Joining our UK network provides a supportive and collaborative alternative to the consolidation taking place within the sector in order to grow your business and deal with the ever increasing challenges impacting firms.

Our profession has been evolving at a pace not seen before. The requirements for significantly improved audit quality, not just for public interest entities but for all organisations, has been coupled with heavier fines and tighter regulation from the FRC and its successor, the ARGA. In addition, today’s clients are increasingly demanding a service which is delivered at a level of technological sophistication now expected of the financial services and fintech industries.

Battling these challenges is not only time consuming and resource intensive, but also costly. One of the benefits of the UHY UK Group is our ability to work together to determine solutions to these challenges, but also to explore together ways of seizing other opportunities on the horizon.

Our national marketing and business development team also work effectively with our members to continually drive the profile of UHY across the UK and in our key markets, exploring opportunities to develop new business for all. One of our key routes to market has always been the development and sharing of leading insights and content, through which our national team manage to create real and demonstrable engagement.

If you would be interested in starting a dialogue to find out more about how membership of our Group could be of benefit to you and your firm, please contact either:

Zoë Paradine
National Executive Director
+44 20 7216 4643
Colin Wright
Group Chairman
+44 20 7216 4604

To read more about the UHY Hacker Young Group in the UK and globally, visit the About Us section of our website.

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