Helping you prosper

At UHY all of our member firms and our teams within them are driven by our purpose of helping you prosper, and this applies across all that we do for our clients, our teams and our communities. Helping you prosper gives real meaning to our work and to what we do. It acts as a guiding light, something which we can turn to at all times and refocus ourselves.

Prosperity comes in many guises. Typical associations are often related to financial prosperity, but prosperity means so much more, and the definition of prosperity is generally unique to each person. 

We see ourselves as more than just accountants. Whether you are a client, a team member or part of the community local to our firms, our goal is to understand your definition of prosperity and to work out how we can help you in your pursuit of that. 

But don't just take our word for it! Expand the links below to read about what our purpose means for you and click on the case studies at the end of this page to read examples of how we have supported our clients, teams and communities to prosper.

Helping our teams prosper

UHY is not just a firm of accountants, a place of work, an employer. UHY is a team who are trained to help each other prosper. All of our firms offer a suite of benefits that are geared to help you financially, to ensure you are offered flexibility and a good work life balance, to support your wellbeing, and to ensure you continue to develop, grow and prosper while you are with us. 

When you join UHY, we want to know why you’re looking to join, what you’re hoping to gain from your time with us, and how we can help you achieve that. We want to see everyone who comes to UHY flourish. To some that will mean having a clear career pathway and routes to progress, for others it will be having a real variety in the type of client they work with. Others will want to develop a particular niche area of strength and specialism, and for others it will be about work life balance and being in a work place which is focused on wellbeing. For most, prosperity is a combination of many things, and at UHY we try to ensure we can cover all bases. 

If you want to work within an open, friendly and supportive team with a focus on the future and ongoing progression and evolution, UHY is the place to be.

But don’t take our word for it! In addition to some detailed team case studies below, you can also read what some of our people have to say about working at UHY on our people stories page here.

Helping our clients prosper

We understand that the route to prosperity is often a virtuous circle; happy and prosperous teams lead to happy and prosperous clients, which in turn is a reward for our teams. 

All our teams are trained internally and focused on helping you to determine what prosperity means for you. 

If we’re coming in to undertake your audit or to support with all the commercial accounting needs for your business, we will invest time with you and your team from the outset and throughout to ensuring we truly know the business and your long-term goals. As well as ensuring you receive a robust and high-quality service with a pragmatic and commercial approach, we will want to support you by sharing our insights and experiences to add real value to our engagement with you. We will be looking for improvements to efficiencies through tweaks to your systems and processes, but also looking to contribute to your strategic decision-making. 

We are immensely proud of the longevity of our client relationships, having grown with many of our clients over decades. We understand the troughs and peaks you are likely to encounter as your business evolves, and can guide you on your journey, bringing potential issues to your attention – often before you’ve even realised they exist.

If we’re helping you with your personal tax affairs, we will ensure we have a holistic picture of your financial position, both personally and commercially, but also of your definition of prosperity, so that we can provide the most tailored advice to help you on the pathway to achieving those goals.

Ultimately, we want you to see us as a trusted adviser, a port in storm and a sounding board, throughout the year, who you can turn to for advice, support or just a second opinion on an issue or development.

Our goal is to help you to get where you want to be.

Helping our communities prosper

We recognise the importance of contributing to a community with whom we are inextricably linked. We have offices in 24 locations across the UK and we aim to provide direct to support to our communities in these locations, whether its offering work experience and internships to local students, supporting local charities, or encouraging our team members in their personal fundraising and volunteering efforts. 

We also have a programme of corporate social responsibility initiatives, which you can read more about on our dedicated CSR page. As part of this programme, our teams across the UK vote to select a national charity to support on an annual basis, with this year’s fundraising efforts dedicated to Teenage Cancer Trust, who do amazing work offering specialised nursing and support for young people aged 13-24 fighting cancer. Read more here.

Helping our member firms prosper

As a Top 20 UK network of accounting and consulting firms, we are committed to building and maintaining a strong and cohesive group of growth-focused member firms. We pride ourselves on our commitment to working together collaboratively to support our teams and our clients, and to address the key issues and challenges on the horizon which all of our firms face.

We have a national strategy built around our purpose of helping you prosper, and which ensures we continue to build and enhance our network. Our ultimate goal is to work proactively and effectively together to enable both our own talent and our clients to prosper.

To learn more about the many ways in which our member firms prosper together, read our 'Become a UHY firm' section of our website.

Prosperity case studies

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