Corporate governance

Corporate Governance is a topic that has been growing in importance and profile as Boards face increasing pressure to ensure regulatory compliance and adopt appropriate corporate values, and the Government seeks to limit corporate collapses and the ensuing scandals.

The governance spotlight has also been turned on to different types of business in recent years. For instance, from September 2018, all AIM companies are required to comply with either the Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) Corporate Governance code or the UK Corporate Governance code, instead of having the option to set out their own arrangements.

Whatever kind of company you have, whether listed or unlisted, our team can advise on all aspects of your governance, including:

  • assessing compliance with your chosen corporate governance code
  • providing insight into best practice, using our work as part of our yearly Corporate Governance Behaviour Review (written in partnership with the QCA) to benchmark your business against your competitors
  • working with you to identify risks and potential process improvements, ensuring that the governance practices you have put in place meet the expectations of your stakeholders
  • reviewing your procedures and the effectiveness of your Board to improve the performance of your business.

Our Corporate Governance Behaviour Review, in partnership with the QCA

Our annual Corporate Governance Behaviour Review benchmarks the corporate governance disclosures made from a random selection of small and mid-size quoted companies and compares these against the minimum disclosures set out in the QCA Corporate Governance Code. This analysis, combined with the insights from a select group of investors, forms the basis of our yearly report.

See the 2020 findings here.


Bitesize Governance

UHY is part of a Bitesize Governance group, co-running a series of roundtables to support a shift in perception about governance. The group aims to change the views organisations typically have of what good governance is and encourages investors to care more about an organisation’s health and well-being. If you would be interested in coming along to these quarterly roundtables, please contact our marketing team here.

If you would like to discuss the services we can provide for your business, please contact one of our corporate governance specialists from the list below, or, if you prefer, complete our contact form.

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