Unincorporated businesses

We have considerable experience of advising unincorporated businesses with tax compliance, tax planning and a range of other business issues.

Our unincorporated businesses experts are able to advise large or small partnerships regarding the partnership tax return, year end planning or tax implications for the constituent partners, including income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax. Our tax advice for partners joining or leaving can often be crucial.

Our unincorporated business service includes:

Tax compliance

  • VAT advice
  • payroll management
  • examination of tax liabilities.

Tax planning

  • guidance with the sale of businesses
  • providing an understanding of the implications of incorporation
  • guidance on structuring of partnerships
  • a special service for solicitors and other professional practices
  • advice on the implications of using a Limited Liability Partnership
  • wealth management.

PAYE and NIC health checks are also available.

For VAT advice visit the VAT services section of our website.

The next step

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