Warning signs of financial crisis

Whether you are concerned for your business’ health, or that of a customer or client, many of the early-warning signs of financial difficulty are the same.

The following are typical signs of a business facing a potential financial crisis:

  • deteriorating debtor collections
  • increasing WIP value that is not billed on time
  • cash at bank is reducing/ the overdraft is steadily increasing
  • rising stock levels and static/ deteriorating sales
  • slow or late payment of suppliers’ invoices
  • clearing debts by lump-sum payments on account
  • increasingly making payment by post-dated cheques
  • leave paying old invoices until you need delivery of a new order
  • using disputes to delay payment to suppliers
  • receiving an increasing number of final demands and writs from suppliers
  • an ever-widening search for new suppliers who will make more credit available
  • escalating VAT and PAYE arrears
  • receiving a statutory demand for payment.

If any of the above applies to your business, or that of a customer or client, you should seek urgent professional advice from a licensed insolvency practitioner who will provide suitable business turnaround solutions. If advice is taken early enough, it may still be possible to save your business, or prevent a potential bad debt. It could also avoid the consequences of potential personal liability of directors for allowing their company to trade on without reasonable prospect of avoiding insolvency.

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