Family wealth management

We can help you and your family in a variety of ways, whether that means assisting with compliance matters such as tax returns and repayment claims, computing and seeking to minimise the tax in respect of transactions that have already taken place, or helping you to shape your plans for the future.

What is a private client?

For us the term ‘private client’ means an individual, whether personally or acting in the capacity of a trustee or executor. As a private client your needs will generally differ from those of our corporate clients but our advice will take into account any associated business interests and, where we as a firm act also for that business, we aim to provide an integrated and holistic service.

What do we do?

Our advice to private clients includes:

Tax planning and advice
Tax compliance and administration

We are also happy to assist you with other aspects of your financial affairs and our partners are able to act as trustees and executors.

An ongoing relationship

We offer all new clients an initial meeting – free of charge – to discuss your circumstances and requirements. We use this meeting to assess your situation, listen to your concerns, to pinpoint any problem areas and to then suggest how we can best help you.

Once appointed, we like to meet with you at regular intervals to ensure you are getting the best advice from us. We aim to point out any problems that may be looming as well as identifying any opportunities that may arise, well in advance.

The next step

If you would like to find out more about the services for individuals, trustees or executors that we can provide, please contact one of our private client specialists at your nearest location, or complete the contact form.

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