Modern slavery policy

The UHY Hacker Young Group as a network of independent accounting and consulting firms which currently comprises 96 partners and 720 professional team members providing a full range of services from our 24 offices across the UK.

UHY Hacker Young Associates Limited is the UK company which is the organising body of UHY Hacker Young Group. All services are provided by the member firms and not by UHY Hacker Young Associates Limited. Each of the member firms is a separate and independent firm, a list of which is set out in the regulatory information section of our website. Neither UHY Hacker Young Associates Limited nor any of its member firms has any liability for services provided by other members.

The UHY Hacker Young Group is also a founder member of UHY International, a network of independent accounting and consulting firms with more than 330 offices in 100 countries around the world. All of these firms are subject to stringent membership codes of practice and membership rules, with regular quality assurance checks, which would prohibit such practices as Slavery and Human Trafficking and would be similarly regulated as the UHY Hacker Young Group.

As accountants and registered auditors, we offer a range of accountancy services for clients throughout the UK and internationally via our global network.

We act for clients in all areas of business life, from publicly quoted companies to partnerships, with a range of other not-for-profit and public interest entities, with private individuals and their families, and in all sectors of industry, from manufacturing and wholesaling to financial services and professional practices.


All UHY Hacker Young Group members provide services to their clients from their offices in the UK and from Client premises, most of which are in the UK; however, on occasion we also provide on-site support in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas using staff from our offices.

Since all of our work is done by our staff or staff from within the UHY Hacker Young UK Group or our international network, and we are regularly audited by the ICAEW and other regulatory bodies as applicable to our international offices, we consider our supply chain to be very low risk of being supplied by anyone involved in slavery or human trafficking. We have therefore not felt the need to review our existing policies with regards to our supplier relationships.

Where external suppliers or contractors are engaged to assist in the provision of services, we follow a due diligence process to ensure the suppliers are accredited with the necessary qualifications to supply appropriate advice/ work. Many of the relationships with these suppliers are long-standing and predominantly UK-based and we do not, therefore feel the need to revise our supplier approval process.

Firms within the UK Group consider themselves at low risk of engaging with any services suppliers who might be knowingly involved in slavery and/or human trafficking especially since many of our service providers would also be subject to regulatory body audits therefore we believe our current processes are sufficient.

Goods and indirect services

We consider that almost all goods and non-regulated services supplied to our offices will be for day to day business processes such as stationery, accommodation and travel and leased office space and are for sole use in our two offices. We therefore believe that it is unlikely that anyone providing our firms with these goods and services would be involved in slavery and/or human trafficking and, as such, have assessed this as very low risk. We only deal with businesses we believe to have a good reputation for ethical practices and those who would have adequate processes to safeguard against slavery and human trafficking.

The UHY Hacker Young Group will undertake to monitor and review any risks associated with slavery/and or human trafficking and will adapt our processes as necessary.

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