Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism

Our specialist hospitality accountants provide a wide range of advisory and support services to hotels, restaurants and other businesses operating in food and beverage.

The UK hospitality sector is one of the largest industries in the UK. But following the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic, naturally there are concerns for the future of the industry.

Even before Covid-19, Brexit brought with it uncertainly and businesses in the hospitality industry were already facing a growing number of challenges, from staff sourcing issues, fluctuations in exchange rates and increases in the minimum wage to the ever present terrorist threat. Finding the right location at a competitive price is also an increasing challenge.

However, there is hope for the future. It is clear that businesses are going to have to be resilient, innovative and adaptable in order to survive; but the hospitality and tourism industry is notoriously resilient and we believe the sector will recover, although somewhat scarred.

The sector will need leadership with a mix of experience, creativity and entrepreneurship to rise from the abyss. Coronavirus will change the Hospitality sector forever, but it will rebuild by putting its people first. Hospitality is about being friendly and welcoming to visitors and guests. This attitude will be key in these extraordinary times to get through to the other side.

Our hospitality experience

In such a fast-moving, people driven industry, we understand how difficult it can be to keep abreast of the latest developments while ensuring the everyday running of your business is efficient as possible.

By combining our sector knowledge with practical and informed advice, we have helped many of our hospitality clients to make long term and positive changes to their businesses. We advise businesses across the spectrum of the industry, with our clients varying in genre, location, and size; from hotel groups and restaurant chains to public houses, guest houses, function suites and even greyhound stadiums.

In order that we can provide a service that fits and reflects your individual needs, our hospitality offering comprises specialists from our offices within virtually all of the largest tourist centres in the UK, who are experienced in dealing with clients from a more local and regional perspective, as well as on a national basis. We also have international capabilities through our association with our international network, UHY, with offices in all of the world’s largest tourist centres.

We are also well connected in the hospitality space and can introduce you to lawyers, bankers, consultants and other advisors as required.

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