How does our service work?

Accounting and tax solutions for SMEs in the cloud, wherever you are in the UK.

More than a service

It’s the additional advice and support that we provide that really makes the difference.  We want you to see us as a partner. 

When your finances are in the cloud, we see exactly the same information as you see. This means we can work more closely with you to ensure you get the right advice. 

With easy to understand monthly accounts and dashboards, our interaction becomes much better value, allowing us to give the commercial advice you need so you can make better-informed business decisions.

You’ll be making decisions with the most up-to-date information you’ve ever had.

Your finance on demand

We can set up the software to work best for you. View the stats that are most important to you on a dashboard to give you instant summaries of your profit, cash and assets at the touch of a button. You’ll be able to find out where you are in your business, anywhere in the world.

Cloud accounting systems are designed to make data entry quicker, easier and altogether a less painful experience than traditional or offline bookkeeping methods. Many of the processes are automated, whether the source records are paper or electronic.

Effortless and instantaneous collaboration

Cloud accounting provides you with a whole new level of access.

Just one subscription means you can share your data in real-time at the click of a button.

Both you and your UHY accountant can see the same information at any point in time, allowing us to really get inside the workings of your business.

We will give you commercial advice that gets solutions and enables you to make more up to date and informed business decisions.

We are renowned experts

...and we work with the leading names in cloud accounting

Cloud accounting apps

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