Automotive tax services

We will work with you to ensure the right strategies are put in place in order to minimise your tax burden and help you achieve your financial goals.

The specialist tax services we offer to the automotive industry include:

Dealer tax health checks, including a VAT and PAYE check

These are the main areas of taxation HMRC have focused on in the automotive industry. We have been involved in numerous complex HMRC enquiries in the sector over the years, and from this experience we have developed an efficient one day ‘desk-top’ style due diligence exercise which helps clients understand their risk in these areas, and make recommendations to improve compliance.

Capital allowance reviews

Property is a significant aspect of the asset base of most automotive businesses, and extracting the maximum tax allowances held within these properties is increasingly important.  From historic reviews generating large cash refunds, to negotiating capital allowance values upon the sale and acquisition of a property, our specialist property team fully understand the nature of property within this sector and how to interact with HMRC.  We are also a key adviser on new-build and large-scale refurbishment projects where our expertise in both the surveying and tax aspects influences the capital expenditure at the outset, helping developers fully understand the total lifecycle cost of the investment they are making.

Group simplification and restructuring

We work with businesses to ensure they start and grow within the most tax efficient and suitable corporate structure. Where businesses have become overly complex or no longer require corporate entities we can manage the simplification exercise to ensure tax neutrality, minimum disruption to management, and any subsequent company clean-ups.

Remuneration planning and employee share schemes

Incentivising and retaining employees is tantamount to the ongoing performance of any business, but critically so in the motor industry. We work with business owners to bespoke salary packages and share arrangements for their key employees, helping to align their performance and behavior with those of the business, and encouraging long-term commitment.

Exit planning and shareholder reorganisations

Be it retirement, a new generation of family, an ambitious management team, a trade sale or extracting property or other parts of the business prior to a sale, we advise on the tax aspects of all possible exit or reorganisation scenarios.

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