English wine producers grow revenues another 4.5% despite pandemic hitting hospitality sector

Publications featured in include: The Times and Business Matters. 

The top producers of English wine* have seen their turnover increase by another 4.5%, from £24.3m in 2019/20 to £25.4m in 2020/21, despite sales to the hospitality sector being heavily impacted by Covid, shows our research study.

It is a testament to the growing popularity of English wine that producers have continued to increase their sales through the challenging pandemic period. 

Sales to hospitality venues and events organisers such as conferences, awards and weddings have traditionally made up a considerable proportion of English wine sales, leaving producers exposed to the effects of repeated lockdowns during Covid-19.

As the pandemic led to more consumers drinking at home and switching from beer to wine, many English wine producers were able to successfully pivot from on-trade sales to off-trade sales in supermarkets and shops. This was successful in maintaining sales growth.

James Simmonds, Partner at our Nottingham office, says: “The pandemic period looked like it was going to be a very difficult one for the English wine industry – it has actually turned out to be more successful than originally expected.”

“English wine brands now have better penetration than ever into supermarkets. Shoppers now consider English wine just as readily as they would wine from any other country – it’s no longer a novelty, it’s becoming a more regular purchase.”

“As the summer event and wedding season gets back into full swing in 2022, those traditional sources of sales should return and drive sales up even further. The Platinum Jubilee, extra Bank Holiday and the return of summer season events like Wimbledon will hopefully help sales too.”

English wine producer turnover grows despite pandemic, tops £25m

English wine producers graph
* The eight English wine producers that disclose turnover in their company accounts. Where possible, non-wine sales have been excluded.

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