Working in partnership, our aim is to maintain a close, supportive relationship that provides valuable input into your business. Here is what some of our automotive clients have to say about working with us…

"[Over the years] we enjoyed many friendly meetings with both David Kendrick and Paul Daly where advice was offered to aid us in preparing for an exit when the time arrived. Once we had made our decision to retire from the industry, David guided us through the whole process from the creation of an Information Memorandum, advice on automotive legal teams, setting up of a Dataroom, circulating the IM to his numerous industry contacts,  collating offers and negotiating the final deal. We were delighted with our final sale both in terms of pricing and legacy to our colleagues.

I am sure that having David and his UHY team behind us at the start from our initial IM and all subsequent discussions added more creditability to our Group and enhanced both the breadth of offers received and ultimately the sale price we achieved. I would recommend David to anyone in our position since although many businesses like ours may have grown through acquisition, we usually only go through one sale process. This will inevitably be very emotional and to have someone as professional as David on your team was really appreciated."

Clive Fletcher, Managing Director, Specialist Cars Holdings Ltd


"Following an approach by a well known and motivated buyer, our shareholders decision to employ David Kendrick and the motor specialist team at UHY to advise us was an obvious choice following an advisory role with David spanning over ten years.

David's advise and knowledge of the retail motor sector offered us a comprehensive deal making formula demonstrated throughout our negotiations and the sale process.

I am confident in recommending David Kendrick and UHY as their experience in understanding what is required to deliver a successful outcome I am sure will be of great interest to other business owners contemplating a sale of their business in the future."

Glen Obee,  Former owner and Chairman of Motorline Holdings Limited

“I have been attending audit close out meetings for over 15 years and I found my first one with UHY to be the most productive and informative”

Ben Collins, Chairman, Stephen James Group


“We chose UHY Hacker Young to manage our sale and the transaction was expertly handled from start to finish. David Kendrick, Paul Daly and the team at UHY gave us a fantastic level of support throughout, and their detailed knowledge of the automotive sector and experience from dozens of previous sales was invaluable at every stage of the deal.”

Trevor Reeve, Chairman, Pentagon Motor Holdings Limited


"The shareholders of Codeweavers engaged David and his team to support us through the sale of our business to a large US organisation. We chose UHY after our experiences with another advisor had been less than satisfactory, so we were naturally apprehensive. Our experiences with UHY could not have been more different and the sale proceeded smoothly and effectively with UHY's support. We were able to negotiate with confidence and present our business in the best light to ensure that we maximised the value we received from the sale. We are very grateful to David, Dom, Clive and the rest of the team at UHY for all their hard work over the past months"

Roland Schaack, CEO, Codeweavers


“We selected UHY Hacker Young as our professional advisers for the sale of Beadles Group due to their strong reputation and specialist automotive expertise. They produced a high quality document and negotiated a very good deal for the sale of the business with Group 1 which completed in a very smooth manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any motor retail business looking to expand or exit.”

Tim Humphries, Financial Director, Beadles Group Limited


“Thank you for the excellent help provided by UHY’s automotive team on the recent sale of our Hyundai business to Holdcroft Motor Group. It was not an easy situation to handle particularly since the Hyundai preferred buyer was not our choice. Having marketed the business and received offers we selected Holdcroft Motor Group and are grateful to Dave Kendrick and his team for their invaluable assistance in guiding the deal to conclusion. I was very pleased that UHY, and Dave in particular, were recommended to us and would happily pass on this recommendation to others contemplating a transaction.”

David McErlain, Shareholder, ALM Garages Limited


“I chose David Kendrick of UHY Hacker Young to lead our exit strategy. We had researched other options but concluded that David and his partner Paul Daly had the superior Automotive M & A track record and industry knowledge. So it proved out, with our transaction being expertly handled from the IM, through due diligence, contract negotiation and on to completion. I set an ambitious time line and the deal was completed inside 5 months. The UHY team did a great job and I can confidently recommend them.”

Philip Maskell, Owner, Essex Auto Group


“Paul Daly is one of the premier advisers from an accounting and financial standpoint in the UK Motor retail sector. He has deep knowledge of how things actually work combined with a level of detail and clarity that is second to none. I have worked with Paul for over 20 years and Vertu very rarely buys a business without him casting his eye over it first.”

Robert Forrester, CEO, Vertu Motors


“We decided to move our audit and tax services to UHY about two years ago and to date have been extremely pleased with the quality and efficiency of the audit and tax team and their understanding of the motor trade. In particular we have benefited from the knowledge and support provided by Paul Daly and Dave Kendrick in helping  us develop our strategic planning objectives for the business. We moved our audit to UHY two years ago now, and have been very impressed with their approach.”

David Taylor, Finance Director, Luscombe Motors


“David Kendrick and Paul Daly from UHY Hacker Young’s automotive team combine detailed knowledge of the automotive sector and financial reporting to provide a unique and very effective service in the buying and selling motor businesses and are a pleasure to work with. They not only delivered us a fantastic price but also were there for us at every stage of the transaction which makes them stand out as exceptional corporate finance advisors”

Ken Forbes, Chairman, Drayton Group Ltd


“Both Paul and David have been a great help throughout the process, working alongside us as partners right from the beginning through to the completion of the deal.  They helped in a number of key areas including valuing the business, assisting with discussions with the manufacturer, negotiating with potential purchasers and presenting the business for sale in the best possible light.  They have achieved an excellent result for Perrys and really helped us maximise our sales price.”

Ken Savage, Chairman, Perrys


“David is very skilled in building relationships with leaders of buisnesses of all sizes. He is extremely proactive in trying to identify not only the right match, but crucially the opportune moment to sell. He guided us through the pre-sale and negotiated a fantastic price for the business.”

George Kenning, Joint Chairman, GK Group Limited


“I would be more than happy to provide a “glowing” testimonial for the work you and your colleagues have undertaken in finalising the completion accounts.  Thanks to Paul Daly in particular for all your help, guidance and a listening ear, over the years.   I wish you every success in continuing to build up your business.”

David Ferrar, Former owner, Wokingham Motors 


“We moved our audit to UHY two years ago now, and have been very impressed with their approach.  The audit team are effective, responsive and approachable – they definitely do a very thorough job.  Where we have really benefitted however, is in the advice that Paul and David have provided in helping us to develop our thinking about maximising value in the longer term.”

Neil Barrett, Finance Director, Arbury Motor Group


“Following the decision of JLR to review our franchise agreement we took advice from a number of parties as to who could best help us co-ordinate and agree a sale of the business. Having met with Paul and Dave it became obvious of their deep knowledge and contacts throughout the sector.

They therefore helped guided us through the initial review process and preparation of the information memorandum/sales document. Once complete and having negotiated with JLR, they helped us draw up a list of possible interested parties and then started the detailed negotiations resulting in an acceptable offer from Cambria.

The final aspect of their support was through the transaction or due diligence phase, where again they were able to support our business through to completion.”

Mike Edwards, Finance Director, TH White Limited


“I have worked with Paul for the last nine years on numerous independent reviews of dealer groups in the UK and throughout Europe. Paul has a huge amount of sector experience which always proves invaluable. He quickly understands the situation from a commercial as well as financial standpoint. In all independent reviews, Paul has provided practical options and recommendations to stabilise and solve the critical issues. The support from Paul has enabled me and my company to re-think and also support our risk and network strategies. I look forward to continuing working with Paul on future independent reviews and expanding our European engagement with UHY.” 

Lee Cooper, Manager, Sales, Network and Financing, Mazda Motor Europe


“The UHY automotive team have an excellent understanding of the motor sector together with the challenges and issues which motor dealers face. Professional advisers adding value whilst undertaking routine work or projects is highly valued at Helston Garages – UHY have done this.”       

Craig Glanville, Group Financial Director, Helston Garages Group

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