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Charity and not-for-profit

Giving a helping hand

Charity and not-for-profit organisations work within a highly regulated, competitive and ever-changing environment.

We appreciate that while your main focus is those who use or benefit from your services, we also appreciate that you also need to closely manage finances which are transparently reported in the public domain. Furthermore, in this time of increased competition for grant funding and charitable giving and with the increased need to comply, your organisation needs more management expertise than ever before.

Our expert team makes it their goal to understand your business and the unique issues arising from the changing economy, regulations and legislation. Our top priority is to provide tailored support to our not-for-profit and charity clients.  We provide the technical back up you need to meet your financial and administrative challenges and a friendly, professional service driven by your organisational needs.

We have extensive experience working with charities and other not-for profit organisations. From sorting out the VAT on property and fundraising endeavours, to advising on the use of trading subsidiaries and annual charity commission submissions, we can deal with various financial aspects of running your organisation.

On a national scale the charity and not-for-profit sector is one of the UHY network specialist sectors. We understand the issues and regulations that charities face and have in-depth experience and knowledge to help deal with them. Firms in the network act as auditors and independent examiners to over 200 charities of varying sizes and provide assistance with compliance matters, including the preparation of accounts and trustees’ reports that comply with the Charities Act and Charities SORP.  This is in addition to the charities for which pro bono services are provided.

At UHY Hacker Young, our aim is to provide you with comprehensive charity accounting and audit services to tackle these and any other issues to help you run a financially sound business, allowing you to concentrate on the areas of the business that matter most.

Our services to charities and not-for-profit organisations include:

  • tax planning and advice;
  • management services, such as bookkeeping and payroll;
  • financial reporting;
  • fundraising and operational assistance; and
  • other services, such as risk assessment and grant applications.

The next step

To arrange a meeting, or to find out more about how we could help your organisation, please contact one of the members of our team.