The new UK-EU relationship post Brexit

The UK has a new relationship with the European Union from the beginning of 2021, based on the UK-EU trade and cooperation agreement signed on 30 December 2020.

While some uncertainties about the future trading relationship remain, the good news is that the agreement means that there will be no tariffs or quotas on the movement of goods produced between the UK and the EU.

The UK’s Brexit deal with the EU affects citizens, businesses and travel to the EU. If you are importing or exporting goods from the EU, we will be able to offer advice to help your business trade across borders as effectively as possible.

Stay tuned to the latest government advice and requirements here.

We will monitor the situation and will keep you updated with our views and insights as we move forward, helping you navigate the new conditions and opportunities as they become apparent.

Our specialist teams are able to advise you on the implications of the new agreement and can provide strategic advice, advise you on new arrangements and regulations as they are announced, and generally provide a health-check of your existing arrangements.

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