Proposed expansion of ULEZ zone in London from August 2023

The consultation closed at the end of July with the revised map showing the ULEZ zone will extend out to the M25 in some areas with the expectation that the boundary will be extended to cover all 33 London boroughs from August 2023.

The proposed zone seen in green

New proposed ULEZ

Whilst environmental concerns are understandably a top priority and this will boost sales of new and used cars, ultimately there is concern this will impact London’s poorer communities more than any others at a time when the cost of living is ever increasing and, in the worst case, it could push some families off the roads when faced with a charge of £12.50 a day or investing in a newer cleaner car.

Whilst we understand the change will be supported with the biggest scrappage scheme feasible, details of this are currently very limited. Furthermore, another factor which will exasperate the impact for some families is that used car prices remain high due to a shortage of stock created by the pandemic, therefore some parties are hoping the timing of the change may be reconsidered.

The next steps

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