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Helping Two Brews prosper: A community case study

Our UHY Manchester team are proud supporters of Two Brews, a charity that is dedicated to improving the lives of people in Manchester battling homelessness, by providing hot meals, drinks, essentials and support.

Two Brews seek to make a valuable contribution to their community and treat all the people they meet with respect, dignity and zero judgement.

Our teams at UHY Manchester are fully committed to helping Two Brews and their local community prosper, giving their time and money to care for those that need it most.

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95,000 hot meals and 120,000 hot drinks

In England alone, it is estimated that there are at least 270,000 people experiencing homelessness including over 100,000 children as of last year. Manchester ranks third highest in the UK for people experiencing homelessness per capita, demonstrating the distinct need for charities like Two Brews in this community. The winter is a particularly hazardous time for those sleeping rough, as temperatures can dip below freezing and the relative safety of daylight is lessened by shorter days. 

After only three years of helping the people of Manchester, Two Brews have provided 95,000 hot meals and 120,000 hot drinks, a truly outstanding effort! Find out more about the important work they do on their Instagram page, here.

In November 2022, a team of volunteers from our Manchester office started working with Two Brews. The partnership coincided with the onset of Storm Barra, a particularly brutal weather episode that swept across the British Isles. Motivated by the seasonal challenges, along with our commitment to help our communities prosper, the team reached out to Two Brews, offering their time and support. The partnership has continued from that point forward, with our volunteers most recently helping Two Brews run their annual Christmas pop-up in December 2023.

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Making a real difference

The dedication of our volunteers has made a huge difference to Two Brews work throughout the past year. Operating to a rota, our team of volunteers take turns every Tuesday night to support the charity, handing out hot meals and getting to know the people they are helping.

On top of this, our volunteers hand prepared 500 home cooked meals and got involved with fundraising for the Easter pop-up. UHY team members Gabrielle Waite and Jake-Leanne Henderson also helped to run the pop-up on the day. They also got stuck-in with fundraising, putting together 75 gift bags and two hampers filled with essentials between the Easter and Christmas pop-ups, a truly amazing effort.

We asked Gabrielle Waite, senior marketing executive at UHY Manchester, about her time working with Two Brews:

“It was great to volunteer with Two Brews as not only did we offer a hot meal and some snacks but we got to know the homeless. It was heart breaking to see that many of them who would visit the stand just wanted company and a chat over a cup of tea. I’m glad UHY choose to work with Two Brews and I look forward to the next volunteering session.”

We also reached out to Two Brews and they had this to say about their time working with our team:

“Volunteers are the backbone of what we do at Two Brews, without them we wouldn’t have as many helping hands to give out what we provide, which is all done with kindness and love. Without our volunteers the people we help would certainly not be as well looked after as they are.”

How we will continue to help Two Brews prosper

We love supporting Two Brews and will continue to help them raise as much money as possible to be able to provide crucial support to people in Manchester facing homelessness.

To donate to Two Brews, please click here.

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15th Feb 2024

Helping Two Brews prosper: A community case study

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