HMRC announces changes to landlord tax rates

13 December 2019

HMRC have announced that in the New Year they will be contacting non-resident corporate landlords to allocate them a corporate tax reference. From April 2020, they will be taxed under the corporation tax rules instead of the income tax rules.  

Changes to tax rate

Corporate non-resident landlords with UK properties need to consider the effect of the change. Whilst the change is likely to reduce the tax rate from 20% income tax rate to the current 19% corporation tax, the rules on interest and other deductions may change. Under corporation tax, there are also rules around when interest can be deducted on the payment. If you are a large company or part of a large group, there may also be a cap.

Reporting Capital Gains

Another issue that non-resident landlords miss is the report of capital gains on the sale of UK property or shares in a property company (defined as 75% of the company’s income being derived from property letting). With these transactions, there is a reporting requirement to make a return and pay the tax with 30 days of the sale.

So, it is important that non-resident landlords plan ahead when selling a UK property or shares in a company with UK property.

If you do not hear from HMRC before 31st March, we would recommend contacting HMRC to ensure the non-resident landlord is registered for corporation tax.

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