Why are accounts often the last thing businesses move to the cloud?

12 July 2018

Cloud has become an integral part of day to day business, with the majority of organisations now realising the benefits of having moved their data security, banking, communications and data transfer to the cloud.  With this in mind, one thing I often ask my clients is: why are accounts usually the last thing to be moved to the cloud when that transition can reap the greatest benefits to a business?

When talking to clients and prospects one thing I tend to find is that there is a still an element of scepticism when it comes to cloud accounting.  ‘But is it secure?’ ‘Is it reliable?’ ‘Is it safe?’ ‘Is it easy to use?’.  In short, YES. The cloud is safe. Cloud accounting software provides optimum security of data with multi-level encryption, latest antivirus applications, firewalls and user authentication.  Plus, data is continuously backed up on the cloud meaning no files are lost in case of any disaster.

Not only is the software easy to use, and you’ll be provided with full training and support from your UHY cloud advisor, it will also save you time.  Whilst traditional manual spreadsheet and desktop record keeping is easy to set up, it takes up hours of yours or your teams’ time, eating into productivity.

Cloud systems can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection at any time. Updates are made automatically so there are no upgrade costs and backups are made continually on remote safe servers.

The main benefits the clients I have worked with report from converting to the cloud include:

  • Increased productivity: Clients notice a boost to business productivity as conversion frees up to time.
  • Increased accessibility and collaboration: Via cloud accounting software, access your key financial data from anywhere at any time.
  • Improved backup and recovery: Cloud accounting software provide a more reliable solution when it comes to backing up and recovering your data than traditional in-house servers, as well as providing a quick, easy, convenient way to access data when needed.
  • A cost effective solution: Businesses save in terms of maintenance and management of servers and data, as well as investing in expensive desktop software.

If you’d like to discuss your options when it comes to cloud conversion, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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