Streamline your expense claims with Dext Prepare

What is Dext Prepare?

Dext Prepare is designed to revolutionise the way your employees manage expense claims. The process is as straightforward as it gets. Whether using the Dext mobile app, desktop application, or even via email, employees can effortlessly upload their receipts and invoices.

How does Dext Prepare work?

Once the documents are uploaded, Dext Prepare's automated extraction engine pre-populates data, transforming a pile of receipts into an organized, easy-to-manage format. This not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of errors – a win-win for both employees and your finance team.

Creating an expense report is then just a matter of a few clicks. Employees select the relevant expenses, compile them into a report, and send it off to a manager for approval.

Once approved it can then be published into Xero and is available to make a single payment against the batch of expenses.

For those on the go, Dext Prepare also seamlessly integrates with the Tripcatcher app for mileage claims. Tripcatcher not only captures mileage but intelligently selects the correct VAT rate based on vehicle specifics and fuel type.

Alternatively, for those who prefer a hands-on approach, Dext Prepare offers the flexibility to manually create mileage claims.
For those looking for ease, accuracy and efficiency in expense management Dext Prepare Expenses can transform your existing systems into a streamlined, error-free process.

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