Reporting deadlines for Academies to be aware of

Land and buildings collection tool (LBCT)

There is a requirement to tell DfE about the land the academy uses.

Deadline – 07.11.23

Budget forecast return (BFR)

3 year forecasts for ESFA.

Deadline – 31.08.23

Accounts return (AR)

ESFA uses to consolidate academies accounts. Must be signed off by independent auditor.

Deadline – 30.01.24

Financial statements and related submissions

The financial statements must be submitted to ESFA and Companies House.

Deadlines of 31.12.23 for:

  • Audited accounts
  • Audit findings report
  • Accounts submission cover
  • Annual internal scrutiny report

Deadline of 31.01.24 for publishing accounts on the trust’s website
Deadline of 31.05.24 for filing accounts with Companies House

The next step

If you have any questions regarding the deadlines outlined in this blog, please contact Jon Antill, or your usual UHY adviser. 

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