Key dates and actions for academy schools

The reporting requirements for Academy Trusts are significant, and it can be difficult to keep track of what you need to do and when. 

The government’s website is a great help here and specifically their calendar for 2021/22 makes it clear what actions a trust needs to take each month, the guidance they are due to publish and the payments you as a Trust can expect to receive.  If you are not making use of this calendar already it can be found here.

January is a busy month so please don’t forget to upload your audited financial statements to your Trust’s website by 31 January to make sure that your Trust is fully compliant, and whilst you are doing that you could also submit the accounts to Companies House as they need to be filed before the end of May.

The next steps

If you need any assistance, or support, with the returns required by the ESFA please contact you usual UHY contact.

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