International Women's Day: Accounting for equality

Becki Roberts, senior manager, joined UHY's Nottingham office as an assistant manager in 2018 before moving into the role of manager a year later. She assumed her current position in 2020 and was chosen to head up the firm’s UK-wide cloud accounting team.

Becki is one of three women in senior management who - along with several leading women partners at the office - are thriving on the upward progression of their accountancy careers at UHY in Nottingham. Recently, Accountancy Age reported that - despite accounting for nearly half of all qualified accountants - only one-fifth of senior roles within the sector were occupied by women.

Becki said: “I really enjoy my leadership role at UHY. Accounting is a fast-paced industry that is going through a significant period of change, and we have built a fantastically dynamic team with the skill set to adjust to the changing demands for our services across industries.

“I personally enjoy interacting with an array of clients. It's particularly rewarding today to be supporting many female entrepreneurs who are navigating the challenges of growing businesses in new and established markets.”

Having recently returned from maternity leave, Becki was complimentary about the support she received from UHY pre- and post-natal with regards to personal needs and career development.

“UHY provided me with a great maternity support package that included a well-managed phasing package out of and back into work. My maternity leave was an opportunity to allow me to reset and refocus my career ambitions. I was able to come back into work with a clear strategy for my future progression.”

Becki is proud of the 16-strong hybrid working team that she has developed to oversee accounts, always seeking continuous improvement that she partially attributes to the 360-degree support from colleagues in the firm.

“We have recruited strongly from people of varying backgrounds and specialisms, both externally and moving people internally to better align with their interests and for those seeking fresh challenges,” she said. “Our cloud accountancy team works with new clients and existing clients looking to move accounting processes to the cloud, something which UHY is able to provide more scope with than other firms.

“UHY has always seen me as an equal to my colleagues and the only deciding factor in my career progression has been my performance.”

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