How can Futrli help your business grow and improve profitability?

Futrli is a powerful and accurate forecasting and reporting tool by Sage. Futrli uses algorithms that think like an accountant and processes both a business’ financial information, key non-financial data and historic data to generate future predictions. These insights reveal opportunities and threats to a business, which, in turn, can provide you with an unrivalled level of financial insights, forecasting, scenario planning, and reporting.


Futrli cash flow forecasting will help your business to anticipate and plan, make informed decisions, secure financing, scenario planning, identified cash shortfalls and optimise cash management.

  • cash flow - Instant cash flow forecasts. See the impact of your invoices and bills, debtor days, and customers & suppliers on their cash flow
  • budgets directly in-platform - make budgets in 3 ways: either manually, duplicated from last year, or predicted based on your forecasts
  • one-stop variance analysis - multiple data set variance analysis enables you to track actuals against last FY, forecast, budget, or any of your scenarios
  • easy scenario models - through multiple scenarios, forecast various potential realities to better understand a business’ potential direction.


Insightful reporting is the key to business success. Futrli is an advanced reporting software that will help you make informed decisions, tracking performance and driving business growth.

  • source data integration – seamlessly integrates with your data ensuring that reports are grounded in accurate and reliable information
  • reporting templates – identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and develop customised reports that provide actionable insights relevant to your industry and goals
  • reports to suit any need – make comparisons of up to 4 datasets across actual performance, budgets, scenarios, and the Daily Tracker forecast.
  • effortless visualisation – visualise your Budgets and Scenarios alongside one another through uncomplicated, instant, graphical data in Furtli’s reporting.
  • report scheduling - schedule reports to send to yourself when your business needs them
  • customised KPI framework – you will be able develop a tailored KPI framework that aligns with your business objectives
  • interactive dashboards – see KPIs in real-time, easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and visualisations, you can monitor the business performance at a glance.

The next step

Experience the future of financial planning and analysis with Futrli. As your trusted accountant, we leverage this powerful tool to help you unlock your business’ full potential, make informed decisions and achieve your financial goals. If you have any enquiries regarding Futrli, please contact Teresa Chau on, or your usual UHY adviser.

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