HMRC confirm they will no longer accept personal credit card payments in a months' time

Publications that covered this story include The Times on 9 December, the Daily Telegraph on 11 December and the Daily Mail on 30 December.
  • HMRC drop payment method causing inconvenience for many taxpayers

HMRC have confirmed they will no longer accept personal credit cards for payments from 13 January 2018.

New legislation* prevents HMRC from charging taxpayers a fee when they pay by credit card. Rather than scrap the fee, HMRC have instead banned the use of personal credit cards when making a payment.

Following HMRC's announcement, Andrew Snowdon, head of tax in our London office, says:

“It beggars belief that HMRC would take such a customer unfriendly approach- using a credit card may be the only way some taxpayers can afford to pay their tax bills.”

“The ban comes at a tough time in the economy and is insensitive to say the least.”

“Instead of finding a way to implement the new rules, HMRC have simply dropped a mainstream payment method.”

“Banning the use of credit cards is going to cause many taxpayers a real inconvenience, particularly many on lower incomes who may rely more heavily on them.”

“The timing of this announcement is especially awkward with the end of the tax year looming.”

*European Payment Services Directive II

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