Corporate Interest Restriction – change to communications accepted by HMRC

HMRC had previously accepted CIR documents through a number of different channels which led to duplication of effort for businesses unsure of the best submission route, inefficiencies for HMRC in processing the documents, and an increased risk of not detecting errors in the documents.

The Corporate Interest Restriction (Electronic Communications) Regulations 2022 apply for submissions on or after 1 September 2022.

These Regulations require the following CIR documents to be submitted to HMRC electronically:

  • notices appointing, or revoking the appointment of, a reporting company
  • interest restriction returns, and
  • revised interest restriction returns

Information that is not supplied in the correct format, ie. using an approved means of electronic communication, will be considered not to have been provided. 

It is important to note that, even if supplied using an approved means of electronic communication, if no acknowledgement has been issued by an official computer system, then it is presumed that the notice or return has not been delivered.

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