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Charity Commission aims to give trustees certainty in uncertain times

Each of the videos promote one of the Charity Commission’s following brief guides, which were released in November:

  1. Charity purposes and rules guide
  2. Making decisions at a charity guide
  3. What to send to the Charity Commission and how to get help guide
  4. Addressing conflicts of interest in a charity guide
  5. Managing charity finances guide

These guides cover the governance basics, which the Charity Commission expects all trustees to know, of: 

  1. Achieving a charity’s purposes – how to ensure that a charity operates in line with its governing document, including ensuring it meets its charitable objectives and is run for the public benefit.
  2. Good decision making – how to make valid trustee decisions that are in the charity’s best interests
  3. What to file with the Charity Commission and the support available – the information held on the Charity Commission’s public register and the requirement to keep this up to date, the documents that are required to be sent to the Commission and the issues that trustees are required to report. Details of other resources available from the Charity Commission are also included.
  4. Addressing conflicts of interest – what constitutes a conflict of interest and how to deal with them.
  5. Financial oversight – covering trustees’ responsibilities to ensure that a charity’s money is safe, properly used and correctly accounted for.

The next steps

In addition to the guidance provided by the Charity Commission, which can be found on the Charity Commission website, our UHY charity sector experts can also provide training to new and current trustees. If you would like any further information on the training we can provide or have any other queries, please contact Julie Mellowes or alternatively your nearest UHY charity sector expert here. 

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