Are vehicles too reliable?

I was contemplating life the other day and remembering back to my childhood (I am 59), when summers were long and hot, and winters were cold and snow-filled. I remember many a school summer holiday spent tinkering with cars, cleaning spark plugs, checking the carburettor was clean, changing oil and oil filters, and yes, even changing a car engine one summer holiday.

Fast forward to today, and the landscape has changed immensely, as I don’t see people outside their houses engaging in these activities anymore. With cars becoming more computer-based, the ability of your ordinary Joe to perform meaningful repairs with their car has diminished.

One might assume that this change has led to a surge in demand for garages equipped with skilled mechanics capable of diagnosing and fixing automotive issues. However, contrary to this expectation, I am seeing an increased number of garages and other ancillary motoring businesses exploring diversification, as they experience a decline in their traditional services.

It is unclear whether this is because of the question ‘are vehicles too reliable?’, or because modern cars are so complex that only main dealerships can afford the necessary technology required for repairs. Ultimately, the automotive team at UHY Hacker Young has noticed a growing demand for advice in areas such as diversification, alternative uses of property and even business sales among automotive ancillary businesses. These are matters that our expert team can provide guidance on to help your business prosper.

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