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Are dealers and garages ready for the electric vehicle shift?

One of the most significant issues will be the requirement to ensure the power supply can accommodate numerous EV’s charging at one time, since customers will not take kindly to having to go and immediately charge their car after picking it up from service. In addition, as the uptake only increases it won’t just be customers who require charging points, it will be staff as well, therefore the demand will vastly increase as EV’S are adopted more widely. In terms of chargers there will likely be a requirement to have them installed in each service bay so vehicles are ready to go once the service is complete in addition to multiple charging bays for staff and customers. 

With multiple cars charging and significant load on the system comes safety issues that will need to be considered and managed. Therefore there will be a significant focus on safety and equipment, such as insulated equipment and other equipment required to isolate the vehicle. There are also possible issues due to electric vehicles generally being heavier than petrol or diesel cars, which may mean that lifting equipment also needs to be upgraded.

Finally there will then be a requirement for significant investment in training the workshop team on the differing requirements of EV’s along with trouble shooting issues which can prove to be challenging even with fault readers due to the lack of familiarity with EV’s.

Overall those dealers and garages who want to be ready to capitalise on the switch will need to be looking at investing in their facilities in the near term. 

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