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COVID-19 – planning for uncertainty

Coronavirus is a global health crisis with far reaching implications, the extent of which are still becoming apparent. Many of us are feeling a combination of fear and frustration, but there is a lot at stake.

With the global financial markets in crisis and the threat of global recession growing closer, businesses need to build their armour to help ride the waves and come out the other side. You may not think that your business will be too badly affected, but what about your customers or suppliers? Will that have a knock-on effect?

If you are running a business, regardless of size, then you need to do all you can to ensure you survive and emerge from this period with light at the end of the tunnel. Helpfully, the government have developed on online ‘business support finder‘ to help you establish the financial support, by way of loans, tax relief and cash grants, that your business may be eligible for.

And for those considering their own personal and family’s future finances, there are many measures you can take to ensure you are in as robust a position as possible in order to ride the wave.

We are continuing to provide our summaries of the Government announcements as they relate to you and your business, and also providing more in-depth business survival guides and personal wealth protection and tax planning advice. We are also producing regular daily blog updates, which you can find in our business advisory blog channel, with up to the minute commentary about how measures will affect you.

For immediate advice and support

If you would like to discuss any queries or concerns in relation to your way forward through this coming period, please speak to your usual UHY contact, contact one of our specialists on the right or at your nearest office, or complete the contact form.