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Stamp Duty Land Tax refund claims

Our Stamp Duty Land Tax experts have recouped £millions for our personal and business clients over the last few years.

Who can claim Stamp Duty Land Tax relief?

You can apply for SDLT relief where you buy:

  • a dwelling with a ‘granny annexe’
  • a dwelling with commercial buildings or land (including farmland) in the same or linked transactions
  • two or more dwellings in a single transaction or linked transactions
  • six or more dwellings in the same transaction. 

So you could be a landlord, property investor, or even a private buyer looking for standalone accommodation for parents or simply buying property with lots of land.

How can SDLT relief benefit me?

Sellers can make their sale more attractive by, for example, converting an outbuilding into a dwelling or by creating a tenant farming/grazing agreement, thereby attracting Multiple Dwelling or Non-residential rates.
Buyers can buy two or more dwellings at the same time, even with a spouse and receive a Stamp Duty Tax refund.

Examples of SDLT refunds

REFUNDED £79,250: Home purchase included an annexe classed as a separate ‘dwelling’ based on previously incorrectly advised SDLT overpayment.

REFUNDED £42k: Purchase was resubmitted as non-residential for a house with farmland and an outbuilding which was not a ‘dwelling’.

REFUNDED £104,250: Five properties were purchased in a single transaction, one of which was identified as non-residential.

Doesn’t my solicitor reclaim any SDLT relief?

Many solicitors have a very wide remit and may be superb at conveyancing, but some will freely admit that tax law is complicated and they are not tax experts. At UHY Ross Brooke, we do have that tax expertise, and can readily advise which reliefs you may be eligible for, and can achieve your refund for you.

The next step

You only have 12 months from the filing date to amend your SDLT Return so it is important to act without delay. Even if you’re unsure whether you are eligible, get in touch with our Abingdon or Newbury office.

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