Preparing your business for a sale

After sacrificing considerable time, resource and effort in founding and developing your business, it is critical to carefully prepare your business for sale, when the time is right for you.

Failing to plan a business sale process without appropriate forethought can lead to a significant loss in value for the shareholders unnecessarily. This is value that you have earned through hard work, dedication, and commitment both professionally and personally over many years. 

The time to prepare for a sale is not when you want to sell, it is much earlier on to position the business in a way to achieve maximum value. 

In addition to this, exiting a business in a carefully considered state will ensure that your colleagues, customers, and suppliers continue to thrive after the deal, and will give you a better return on any deferred or earn out elements included in a deal structure.

The next step

In the full article, found on page 5 of our magazine, Prosper, we set out a selection of key areas to consider.

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