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A nation of shopkeepers

02 June 2020

It is popularly believed that Napoleon referred to us a nation of shopkeepers not as a compliment but as an insult.

But in these uncertain times, it is a strength to have those small shops along our streets providing us with local produce, ethically produced and within touching distance of our own homes.

Whether we are referring to the butcher, the greengrocer, the baker, the farm shop or the myriad of small entrepreneurs who are open for business providing us with everything we need in our modern lives and that are essential to the new norm of staying at home and not venturing out unless essential, these businesses are showing real entrepreneurialism by finding ways to keep us supplied and for this we will be forever grateful.

We have for too long taken these businesses for granted and bemoaned the fact that they could not compete with the big retailers, that they were too expensive, did not have everything we needed under one roof. Yet now when we need them, having survived the years of neglect we have shown them they are able to provide another source of supply to the big retailers, shouldering the burden and providing that community spirit that is essential in times of hardship.

Maybe there will be some positives to come out of what we are presently going through and an appreciation that the multiple is not the only or necessarily the best supplier of what we need and that the local, smaller, community based business does have a place in the market. I know for one that my village is lucky enough or big enough to support all the types of businesses mentioned above as well as having a Post Office and local pubs that makes the village a community.

Let’s hope we continue to support them in the future when life returns to the new normal, whatever that looks like, as you will never know when you will need their support again.

As a firm, UHY champion the entrepreneurs and the farming community, if you would like to discuss how we can help you and your business please contact your local UHY adviser.

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