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Latest coronavirus guidance from the Charity Commission

Given the pervasive nature of the pandemic to the charity sector, the guidance covers sixteen areas.  These include government financial support, holding AGMs, the use of restricted reserves, advice on insolvency and keeping people safe.

We would encourage you to read this guidance given the advice often evolves or changes.  Throughout the guidance, the Commission emphasises that a charity’s primary interest must be to look after the beneficiaries they serve.  Given all of the uncertainties given the current circumstances, it may be easy to forget this. The guidance is comprehensive and we welcome frequent updates.

The sector is facing significant challenges and it is important that charities can adapt to the changing circumstances. This guidance goes a long way to help charities do this. 

A link to the guidance is shown listed here.

If you would like to discuss the effect of the pandemic on your charity, or any other matter, please get in touch with your usual UHY adviser. 

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