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The future of British agriculture

27 May 2020

In these uncertain times, it is very easy to get caught up in the details of how it all affects you and your business. But, if you look around, there are some really imaginative and entrepreneurial ideas that are transforming businesses and the way business is done. There is a lot to learn about adopting what is on offer and incorporating it into your business could help sustain it for the future or give it the kick start it needs.

Listening to the television, radio or reading the farming press looking for that bit of good news that will brighten your day, you will hear and see lots of examples on how the farming community has responded to the crisis. Which is fabulous.

What this really means for me, is that there is a future in British agriculture and we can see what it may look like. Maybe the forced way of adapting to the effect of the lockdown will counter the negativity around incomes, reported poor productivity and the prospect of cheap imports. We have been forced to find new ways of making what we produce attractive to the local consumer.

For too long you hear of farmers advising their sons and daughters to find another job and not to get involved in farming. To me, that is such a shame when there are such great opportunities, if only we had the imagination, time, energy or inclination; things could be so different.

I think now is that opportunity to influence the local community and get your product out there. The technology to adapt your business is there and the local community have a good reason to buy locally. It is easy to say and it will be hard work. However, utilising the assets and resources in farming businesses, with the flexibility of modern technology and the imagination the younger generation can bring to the business, will surely see a transformation in the way we produce food and deliver it to the customer’s table.

Now is the time to imagine the future and see if you can be part of it. The opportunities are there.

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