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Congratulations to Sarah Lobodzinski

2 December 2019

Congratulation to Sarah Lobodzinski, a member of our Accounts and Audit team who has recently become a fully qualified chartered accountant!

Sarah joined UHY in June 2015 straight from doing her AAT at college. Within her first year, she completed level 4 and a year later started her ACA qualification.  Since then Sarah has worked closely with companies in the manufacturing industry, academies and in the automotive sector.

Here, Sarah tells us about her time at UHY and what has inspired her so far in her career.

What would a typical day at UHY be like for you?

Each day varies which always keeps the job interesting. Some weeks I will be involved in on-site audit work and then others I will be back in the office for completion. I love to get involved in the planning work and helping others.

What has been the highlight of your time here at UHY?

I have loved a lot of things here, so it’s difficult to choose. However, I’d say my favourite part has been qualifying and being able to take on more responsibility. I’m grateful that there is so much opportunity at UHY to work your way up.

Tell us about the team you work with at UHY?

I love working with everyone here at UHY; the people are definitely what make it such a great place. Everyone is down to earth, fun, team players and very supportive. I can honestly say I have made friends for life here.

Has anything surprised you about your role?

Yes, the volume of exposure towards different industries and also the opportunity to get involved in various different types of work, such as accounts, audit, tax involvement, internal audit, and solicitor account rules.

Tell us why UHY is a fantastic place to start your career?

The support at UHY has been amazing, especially during my training process. The staff here are all friendly and welcoming, we are very much like a close family!

Being part of a top 20 firm and such a large network means the advantages and exposure are endless. Not to mention, the newly refurbished offices and the various employee benefits.

UHY definitely is a fantastic place to start your career, it has allowed me to blossom and find who I am.

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Sarah Lobodzinski
Audit & Accounts Team

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