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Cloud accounting: conversions made easy

This is especially true for smaller businesses, whose accounting processes may have remained unchanged for many years. The same key staff may have been looking after the accounts in a tried and tested way, and it can be a major step to change the way things are done.  Bringing in new accounting software is certainly a significant decision to make.

But with the correct procedures in place, converting from a traditional desktop accounting system to a new cloud package can be a simple process.

Here are some reasons why:

  • there is likely to be a huge amount of data stored within the desktop accounting package. Names, addresses and contact details for example. All of this data can be imported directly into a cloud accounting package with one simple upload. So there is no need to re-key any database information
  • similarly, there will often be sales ledger and purchase ledger balances that could contain hundreds or even thousands of individual invoices, credit notes, and payments on account. Again, all of this data can be directly imported into the new cloud software, so nothing is lost and there is no need to spend time manually entering these balances
  • the chart of accounts can also be directly imported for businesses who would like to keep the nominal structure that they have become accustomed to
  • for cloud packages such as Xero, the fixed asset register can be imported in one simple step, which will allow the use of the on-board automated depreciation system, to create more accurate monthly accounts without the need for complex manual entries.

So, these are some of the practical ways that conversion to cloud accounting can be made easy.  But there are other factors to consider too:

  • in addition to converting the data, training is provided on-site to key members of the accounting team, guiding them through the new software to ensure that they become familiar with its core features
  • of course, learning how to use new software can take some time, so ongoing training and support will be there to meet these needs
  • cloud software such as Xero and QuickBooks Online also provide their own live chat and support services to respond to any queries as they arise.

So the conversion process really is easier than you may think, and it will allow you to unlock all the benefits that cloud accounting can offer.

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