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Qualifying spend must be by a company investing in brand new plant and machinery assets between those dates.

Post 31 March 2023, as things currently stand, the ‘super-deduction’ will lapse and assuming Annual Investment Allowance remains, then a company investing £100,000 in qualifying plant and machinery will obtain tax relief at 100%, but with tax rates raising to 25%, then the company achieves tax relief of 25p for every £1 invested.
Therefore is it better to defer capital expenditure until after 31 March 2023, if indeed that is possible? 

The answer will be it depends on many considerations including non-tax related decisions, but from just a tax perspective, will we still an annual investment allowance post 31 March 2023? Will the investing company be achieving taxable profits of greater than £250,000 post 31 March 2023?

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Gambling on the future is always a risky area so if you have capital asset investment options then speak to your local UHY adviser.

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