Family businesses

If you are a member of a family that happens to own and run a business you will be aware of the tensions and pressures that can build trying to balance the demands of business with family life.

How many of your advisers truly understand the inherent tensions within a family business? How many of them have adapted the way in which they approach their relationship with their family clients to meet these unique circumstances?

As advisers to family businesses, over the years we have seen some very complicated situations but also many incredibly successful family operations. We understand the unique requirements and have developed a specialist methodology to meet the complex needs of families in business. This approach is a complete re-think and builds on techniques developed by academics who have studied families in business for decades.

Our experience includes helping family businesses continue from one generation to the next and we have taken numerous owners through all stages of the business lifecycle; from start-up through fast growth and ultimately exit. 

Our specialist teams can assist family businesses through the process of succession, managing conflict and disagreements, improving communication and governance and putting appropriate measures in place to ensure fair returns to all family members. We also work with the next generation, educating and preparing them for the future so that your family business can continue successfully for years to come.

Our goal is always to ensure a financially secure and profitable outcome for both the business and the family. By addressing any issues and concerns early on, we can help build a long term plan that will help develop a prosperous family business.

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