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Probate services in York

We are now able to assist clients in obtaining probate and also offer other related services.

We are able to offer a friendly and professional service. Our team includes members of the Chartered Institute of Tax as well as the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners so we are well qualified to deal with the work involved, in particular dealing with the calculation and minimisation of any Inheritance Tax that may be due by ensuring all available reliefs are claimed. Failure to do so could result in a reduced legacy for the beneficiaries of the estate which is ultimately going against the wishes of the deceased.

We have an intimate knowledge of our own client’s financial affairs many of whom we have had a long standing relationship both with the deceased and their family. This makes it easier for us liaise with the executors and collate the information required to complete the necessary paperwork. In addition we are a familiar face to deal with one point of contact for each case.

Unlike many traditional practitioners, we charge only on a time basis as opposed to levying a time based charge as well as percentage based charge depending upon the size of the estate. We feel that this is a fairer system as we do not feel clients with a relatively large estate, which can sometimes be fairly straightforward to deal with, should effectively be penalised.  This we believe makes our services very competitive.

In addition to obtaining probate and dealing with the Inheritance Tax side we also able provide the following services;

  • Prepare any final tax returns of the deceased to ascertain any liability or refund due to the estate;
  • Deal with any Trust and Estate Returns required during the Administration of the Estate;
  • Preparation of Estate Accounts;
  • Notify beneficiaries of their entitlement, advising them of their own tax position and identifying where they may be due repayments following estate distributions;
  • Review the estate to see if it can be arranged in a more efficient manner for tax purposes;
  • Assisting in obtaining valuations of any estate asset or liabilities where required.

The next step

If you would like to discuss any of the above services please contact our specialists; Amanda Millett and David Todd.