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Rural, agriculture and fishing

UHY Hacker Young Fitch is fortunate and proud to act for a significant rural client base. Our rural business is built around experience and knowledge.

We recognise that farmers, estate owners and those involved in the fishing business want to deal with people who understand the rural economy.

We understand the practicalities of farming and are at home speaking with, advising and acting for our clients.

Our clients are situated throughout Northern Ireland and London covering all types of farming, estates and rural businesses. Every year our rural client numbers grow mainly due to the recommendations coming from our existing clients.

We act for business sizes from the small hobby farmer to the large estate owner. The commonality is that for all our clients we have the right people with the right experience to deliver a quality service.

Tax planning

The core area of business is tax planning. This covers a wide range of planning for different types of client. We cover all income, capital and indirect taxes, such as VAT and stamp duty planning. For the most profitable businesses we can deliver planning which minimises the tax cost.

Farming and Fishing are a businesses that are capital intensive. We often advise clients on capital expenditure, tax allowances and re-structuring businesses to maximise opportunities and minimise tax.

Any firm the size of UHY Hacker Young Fitch has areas of expertise. We have experts dedicated to VAT planning, which has an increasing relevance in rural business, particularly landed estates, rural property development and fishing boats. Many land owners can have complex needs and we have the expertise to advise on suitable onshore and offshore structures, to achieve optimal tax efficiency. We have the depth of knowledge and experience needed to ensure you benefit from all areas of imaginative, legitimate tax planning.


For our farming and fishing clients, planning and advising for succession is vitally important. This is an area that requires technical expertise in Capital Taxes, but also necessitates experience and understanding. We have the resources to deal with the most complex of situations and the experience to handle the delicate and difficult issues.

Working with your other advisors, we provide commercial and specialist taxation, VAT and Stamp Duty Land Tax advice to achieve optimal efficiency in contracts. Whether you are acquiring or disposing of land, property or boats, our input should add value to the process. We also advise regularly on tenancy issues and leases.

Diversified businesses

Many farmers have diversified their business in a small or large way. We act for many businesses with farm shops, contracting work, holiday accommodation or who sell direct to customers. Many of these diversified projects require the support of someone who has seen it before and can call on past experience. More often than not we can fulfil this role or provide direction on tackling the problem.

Renewable energy is increasingly relevant to all rural businesses. We were one of the first firms to recognise this and have a permanent team dedicated to Renewable Energy. We are experienced in projects of all sizes and advise on tax, finance and commercial aspects of renewable projects.

The next step

If you would like further information about our rural, agriculture and fishing services  please contact us.