Susan is an R&D Senior Manager in the Manchester Office who manages the R&D unit for the Corporate Finance team. She joined the team in December 2022, working closely with the Partners and the Corporate tax team to collate the information needed and to manage the Research and Development Tax relief claims.

Sue has been in the R&D field for the past 4 years, practising and evaluating R&D for clients to process success claims for consideration to HMRC. Her ability to analyse and evaluate R&D qualifying claims comes naturally to her with her extensive years in various accounting practices and positions. Working from the ground up over the past 25 years gives her the edge to understand distinct types of businesses. Sue enjoys creating systems and collaborating with a team to benefit both the client and the company. Her core belief is empowerment based on truth and integrity.

Outside of work, Sue enjoys the Sunday breakfast days out with her husband to new venues, making mosaic art, puzzles and is an avid gemstone collector.