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The benefits of cloud accounting – data on the move

27 June 2018

The definition of ‘mobility’ is: The ability to move or be moved freely and easily

Synonyms: Adaptability, flexibility, versatility, adjustability

The advantages of the cloud over traditional methods of accounting are numerous. In this first in a series of blogs on this topic we look at one of the main benefits: Mobility.

Data can be entered and accessed from any location at any time, provided that an internet connection is available. The user is not required to go to their place of work to enter transactions or retrieve reports and the data can be accessed using a range of devices including laptops, tablets and smart phones.

How can this benefit my business?

Flexible working is on the rise and working in the cloud can provide a simple and convenient means for business owners and employees to access data when they’re away from the office. The benefits of flexible working have been reported as; improved morale, reduced lateness and absenteeism, an increased ability to recruit high quality staff, reduced staff turnover and increased productivity.

Interested in transitioning to the cloud?

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