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The benefits of cloud accounting – data backup and security

17 September 2018

In the last of our series of blogs about the features and benefits of cloud accounting, we consider a key aspect for all businesses – the security of the online system and how data is backed up.

With all cloud accounting systems, data is backed up and saved on a remote server by the software provider – a service that is provided as part of the monthly subscription. The provider also supplies data backup and disaster management facilities so there are no worries about re-inputting data if a device is lost, stolen or corrupted.

Each user has their own personal login, so system usage can be tracked directly to the person involved.

It is important to note that cloud accounting leaves no trace of financial data on company computers and that access is data encrypted and password protected.

Because financial data transfer takes place remotely, there is no need to save information on a memory stick or to email information to your accountant which reduces the risk of a data breach.

If you have any questions on the above points or you’re interested in moving to cloud accounting, contact a member of our cloud accounting team below to find out more.

For a helpful video outlining all of the features and benefits offered by cloud accounting, click here.

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