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HMRC research shows positive attitudes towards MTD

28 September 2018

HMRC have published Making Tax Digital Research – Attitudes, Behaviour and Engagement, which reports on research undertaken to help HMRC understand how individual customers and agents respond to the core principles of MTD.

In summary, the research confirmed that, overall, there is a broadly positive view around the idea of MTD, and that digital tax is welcomed and even ‘expected’.

The research also finds that:

  • The benefits of MTD are more apparent to those with complex tax journeys and high senses of ownership over financial affairs
  • Customers’ concerns centered on data security, customer error, increased workload and a lack of need for those with simple tax
  • Third party data caused most concern re. privacy, data security and the motivations of HMRC
  • Framing is key: ‘near real time’ suggests data is updated immediately and raises high expectations around the speed of updating
  • Support needs were anticipated around tax knowledge and how to use Digital Tax Accounts (DTAs). Customers anticipated that webchat and online demos would meet the needs of the digitally capable customer.

This report was one of a number of research papers commissioned by HMRC in 2016-2017 to support the development and delivery of digital services for customers. The findings have been used to inform the department’s work. HMRC re-prioritised its portfolio of transformation projects in 2018 to ensure that it delivers key government priorities.

For further information about Making Tax Digital, visit UHY Torgersens’ MTD page.

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