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Image Rights payments continue

20 March 2017

Chancellor Philip Hammond doesn’t strike me as much of a sports fanatic – being into the popular sports of the nation – more an occasional jogger for the maintaining of fitness, maybe. During his Budget speech last week, which wasn’t a marathon by any stretch of the imagination, he mentioned ‘fairness’ a number of times whilst passing jokes with the opposition front bench. He did this before announcing the reduction in the dividend allowance and also the proposed increase in Class 4 National Insurance Contributions.

What wasn’t announced directly, as far as I heard, but was via the Budget papers was the proposed publication in ‘Spring 2017’ of guidelines for employers who make payments for Image Rights to their employees, ‘to improve the clarity of the existing scheme’.

What has intrigued me more in this statement is the apparent acceptance of the overall position in regards to the making of Image Rights payments – especially in the light of the ‘fairness’ argument/position of the current Government. I am not sure what the guidelines will say to ‘improve clarity’ unless a tacit approval of the scheme will be given by imposing a statutory restriction on the amount that an employee can be paid in this manner.

Role on ‘Spring 2017’ when all should become clearer!

If you have any questions about Image Rights, please contact me or your local UHY sports expert. You may also wish to download our factsheet Image Rights explained.