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Business planning in Sheffield

Successful businesses rarely come into existence through chance or luck. Most have a business plan that they regularly update.

Your business plan is a document that should be used internally to document your strategy, establish key performance indicators, record your knowledge of the market, and set goals, action points and milestones. It should be used regularly to measure progress and it should be flexible enough to allow amendment as external factors change.

Ideally it should enable you to test the sensitivity of your main assumptions, thus enabling you to concentrate on the key management issues.

If you are applying for a grant, loan or overdraft your business plan will be the essential document on which your management skills and likelihood of success are judged. It will also be your opportunity to demonstrate to your lenders your knowledge of your products and your markets, and the strength of your team.

We are ideally qualified to help you with this important exercise. We understand business and the needs of external funders, and we have the tools and the skills to take most of the guesswork and risk out of forecasting.