UHY Hacker Young | Chartered Accountants

Global mobility

The internationalisation of a business typically involves sending staff abroad and for employers and employees is often complicated, expensive and time-consuming.

We can help you develop your understanding of how best to deploy staff overseas, either in start-ups or more established operations, how to manage the integration of overseas staff into a home business unit, and placing staff in permanent employment outside their home country.

We offer practical guidance and tools that include comprehensive information on all of the key issues that must be considered during any relocation process, including advice on managing internationally mobile employees, tax & social security, employment and immigration law, financial planning, remuneration and benefits, and relocation issues.

Our approach

We work with clients to help them identify the strengths and weaknesses associated with how they organise themselves to manage internationally mobile employees.

We help clients with a wide spectrum of global mobility scenarios: from planning the talent aspects of implementing new ventures to advising on how to improve existing mobility practices. We also assist with the implementation of policies through process analysis and advise on strategic development and operational changes.

Our approach is to ensure that you put in place practical and achievable strategies that can be monitored and tracked to make sure they are sustainable.

How we can help

We can provide support to employers with:

  • Permanent establishment risk assessments
  • Managing your first international assignee as part of your international expansion
  • People related issues to consider when expanding into a country for the first time
  • Evaluating established international assignment programmes
  • Reviewing the challenges associated with short- term business travellers
  • Workforce planning in preparation for Brexit impacts on immigration and social security
  • The challenges of appointing non-resident directors or engaging with personal service companies, offshore employment agencies or cross-border freelancers
  • Building or simplifying your global mobility management

We also support employees with;

  • Departure briefings
  • Arrival briefings
  • Cultural orientation
  • Expatriate tax planning
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Preparing income tax returns