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2019 Automotive Sector Outlook

Throughout 2018, the automotive sector has largely been dominated by Brexit, yet today the future of the UK-EU relationship is more uncertain than ever before. Understandably, 2019 has started off with a series of concerns due to this with economic uncertainty, a drop in new car registrations and the potential post-Brexit issues surrounding EU tariffs, all creating a lack of confidence in the car industry.

It has not all been doom and gloom however as 2018 saw solid levels of profitability in the sector and the highest number of annual transactions since before the recession.

Our automotive team have combined research from 2018 with our own insights from many years’ work in the sector to discuss some of the key current industry issues.  This year’s Outlook hones in on the battle between hybrid and electric, whether online dealerships are changing the retail model as well as five key things the motor trade’s top performing businesses are doing well.

Our ‘Expert perspectives’ piece summarises the opinions and insights from our panel of experts on their views on the likely year ahead. The panel comprised David Kendrick and Paul Daly, as UHY’s leading Automotive experts, along with Mike Allen, head of research at Zeus Capital, and Daksh Gupta, CEO at Marshall Motor Holdings. The panel gives their view on the future expectation of stock levels, whether the dealership model will go online, how best to prepare for Brexit, used car sales and addresses the drop in share prices.

The next step

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UHY's 2019 Automotive Sector Outlook